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Affiliate Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can Join?

You may join as an individual or company.

What do I Need to Do?

After you sign up, you will be assigned a unique affiliate ID number. You should add the special links we provide for you to your website wherever you see fit. Alternatively, you can email them direct to your contacts. You have complete freedom in the methods you choose to market the products, however they must be both ethical and legal and we reserve the right to ask you to alter or withdraw anything we consider breaches these terms.

Is there a Limit on Earnings?

No. There is no pre-defined limit on the amount you can earn. The more sales you bring in, the more commission you earn.

How are Payments Calculated and Made?

You will earn a commission only when a sale is concluded (this is not a pay per click scheme - you get paid when we do!). Your commission is based on the price paid by the purchaser before VAT is added.

We will make payment to you by electronic payment direct to your bank once each month. There is a 50 minimum balance required before we will make payment. If your balance is less than this we will carry over the amount to the next month.

Can I Earn Commission on My Own Purchase

No. Affiliates are expressly forbidden from collecting commission on sales to themselves or an associate on their behalf. If we discover you doing this your affiliate status will be immediately cancelled and you will lose all unpaid commission earned.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

You should read through the affiliate Standard Terms and Conditions for Affiliates before joining.

Further Questions?

If you have any questions, please email us at

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